Earthquake zones in bangladesh

It had a magnitude estimated 5.

Earthquake in Bangladesh

Chronology The first recorded earthquake was a terrible one. Also grateful thanks are due to Tanjina for his help in data management. Solid red line indicates an area of about 24, square miles that could move during a subduction-zone earthquake, affecting million people or more.

Three of them ML 8. This is the worst-case scenario; in the best case, only part would slip, and the quake would be smaller and farther from Dhaka, said Steckler.

This has been going on for a long time, and the results are clearly visible: This event was generally associated with the deep-seated Jamuna Fault. In Dhaka damage to property was heavy. A sample result from the statistical analysis which gives intermediate term prediction of earthquakes is given.

Although Bangladesh is extremely vulnerable to seismic activity, the nature and the level of this activity is yet to be defined.

The devastation on the loss of lives and economy due to an earthquake in developed countries like China and Japan where the advancement of earthquake research is quite appreciable, it is needless to say that a catastrophic condition will emerge if a large magnitude earthquake occur in an earthquake prone country like Bangladesh.

Widespread poverty, soft sediments and rapidly multiplying infrastructure including bridges like this one near the southern city of Khulna make the region exquisitely vulnerable to earthquakes. The epicentre was 45 km southwest from Dhaka. It is also the site of the Dauki Fault system along with numerous subsurface active faults and a flexure zone called Hinge Zone.

The gco-tcctonic setting Figure I of the country is seismically very active.

A Giant Quake May Lurk Under Bangladesh and Beyond

The Meteorological Department of Bangladesh established a seismic observatory at Chittagong in Four essential elements for the valid prediction. Rather, all that could be done is to make a prediction and issue a warning for minimising loss of life and property.

Inthe Government of Bangladesh constituted a Committee of Experts to examine the seismic problem and make appropriate recommendations. We must be conscious to see the consequences the recent earthquake held in Nepal. As a result, most of the people living in the residential area are also in the risk of death or serious injuries in a medium level earthquake.

Intense damage occurred in Srimangal, but in Dhaka only minor effects were observed. Threatened earthquake disaster in side Bangladesh may be expected from these active seismic zones outside the national boundary.

Tsunami is the terrific tidal wave caused by the underwater earthquakes, usually strikes the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. According to Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC, ), Bangladesh is divided into 3 earthquake zones (Figure- 6): Zone –1: the less risky zone.

The Zone-1 comprising the southwestern part of Bangladesh (Jessore, Khulna and Barisal Districts) is seismically quiet, with an estimated basic seismic co-efficient of The Bangladesh Meteorological Department adopted a seismic zoning map in Inthe Government of Bangladesh constituted a Committee of Experts to examine the seismic problem and make appropriate recommendations.

The Committee proposed a. Current & proposed earthquake zones maps and map & information of historical earthquakes around Bangladesh. A magnitude earthquake struck India 20 km (12 mi) east north-east of Ambassa in the state of Tripura on January 5, with a maximum observed intensity of EMS.

It struck at pm local time ( UTC), and was centered in an isolated time: p.m IST. Earthquake in Bangladesh. Earthquake trembling or shaking movement of the earth's surface.

Most earthquakes are minor tremors, while larger earthquakes usually begin with slight tremors, rapidly take the form of one or more violent shocks, and end in vibrations /5(6).

Earthquake zones in bangladesh
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A Giant Quake May Lurk Under Bangladesh and Beyond - The Earth Institute - Columbia University