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Writer of short films.

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Some of her previously published digital writing can be found with the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble (eWRe),and in Mud maps: Australian women's experimental writing, eWRe Mud maps: Australian women's experimental writing.

Costello, M, Brooks, B, Gibbs, A & Prosser, R (eds)'Mud map: Australian women's experimental writing', Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses, special. Moya Costello. Novelist Women’s stories Experimental.

Featuring in: Experimental Fiction; Moya Costello is a writer, and lecturer in Writing at Southern Cross University, New South Wales.

She co-edited Mud Map: Australian Women’s Experimental Writing in with Barbara Brooks. Mud map: Australian women's experimental writing (Moya Costello, Barbara Brooks, Anna Gibbs, et al.) Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses () PDF Reading the senses: writing about food and wine (Moya Costello) M/C Journal ().

The Australian Literary Agents Association Celebrates Australia’s writing culture by offering national and state-based literary awards. Awards are on offer in children’s literature, fiction, innovation, non-fiction and poetry. Provides support and encouragement for women interested in writing in any genre.

Applications portal View. TEXT Special Issue No 17 AprilTEXT Journal of Writing and Writing Courses.

Melioidosis Mud map australian womens experimental writing agents
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